How to Qualify for a Home Loan

Although it is the American dream, buying a home can be a tedious, stressful process for many people. Don’t allow the frustrations stop you from living the dream. Use the information here to learn the requirements to qualify for huntington home loans and use it to get the most important things in life delivered to your doorstep.

huntington home loans

Down Payment

To qualify for a home loan you’ll need money to use as a down payment. Typically 20% down is the norm, but there are programs that allow buyers to put down less money, making it easier to buy a home, especially for first-timers. It is ideal to check out the home loan options and their qualifications to learn more before you apply.

Credit Score

Credit score is one of the biggest factors in receiving a home loan and determines the amount of money that you’ll need to put down to buy a home.  If you have good or great credit, it is safe to say you’ll qualify for a loan. However, people with bad credit or semi-bad credit may have a harder time gaining an approval.

Income Level

Your income level matters when buying a home. Buyers should provide at least two years of tax information to buy a home. This may be difficult for those who earn commissions or who earn commission based salary.


Buyers should provide their loan officer with a variety of documents. If you are prepared and have the documents in hand, it is easier to buy. The items that you’ll need include W2s for the prior two years, a bank account statement, three months’ worth of pay stubs and proper identification. Of course you need to provide these documents along with the down payment when you’re ready to buy.